Resolve Malfunctioned Trend Micro Behavior

Software and programs run flawlessly if downloaded and installed Software and programs run flawlessly if downloaded and installed correctly. In other words, a program might not run as expected due to technical glitches occurring from bad maintenance.  Trend Micro’s range of antivirus software is appreciated for deep scanning and effective removal of the virus, spam ware, malware and Trojan files.
But, remember an antivirus turns into a virus if not treated well.
For the better understanding and to avoid technical glitches, the Trend Micro antivirus support remains active to assist the Canada users. Sometimes, the PC starts displaying unexpected errors or turn-off automatically. In worst cases, the blue screen makes the system corrupt. This possibly happens due to the malfunction in the framework of the antivirus program.

Here’s the solution to resolve the technical glitches appearing due to an antivirus program. So, follow any of the two options mentioned below to resolve the error. Stay calm, as these processes have been verified by the technical experts for complete security of the user and the device.

• Search for the Windows Taskbar and click the Trend Micro icon appearing on the desktop. Next, you need to select the disable option. In case any error message gets displayed on the screen, then double click the antivirus icon. Now, move to the Advanced Menu option and locate the Configure button. Click on the Configure option and disable all the services linked to the Trend Micro program.

• In the next alternative, locate the Taskbar and select the Task Manager option. Now, right-click the process that appears in the Task Manager. A running program will appear on the screen as Trend Micro.exe or oas.exe. Select the End Process to stop the program running on the screen and hit the option “Yes”. Finally, restart the system or choose reboot to complete the process. If the error still exists, then possibly there’s something wrong with the software files. So, try to download and install the antivirus program from the official Trend Micro site.

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