How to Activate the folder shield feature of Trend Micro?

Every moment is very expensive in our daily life. So, you always Every moment is very expensive in our daily life. So, you always want to capture that action forever. You have many options to save this data like you can save in ROM, memory card, and much more storage things. But what will happen if you cannot handle your data by yourself because there is much Ransomware which drags the ease to access the file. That file could be your document and maybe yours those precious moments.

It is your duty to take care of it. Many recent activities which threaten the world in one or two days, it expands rapidly over all countries and steals the information related to your bank information, document’s information, etc.

If you are in doubt regarding this then you should go for the subscription of Trend Micro Support Number 1-844-888-3870. It is the multinational company of antivirus software which is used by commercial and non-commercial sector for protection.


How does it protect you?

• It gives an extra layer to your file which saves your documents.
• It prevents Ransomware from entering.
• It prevents all service until it became whitelisted.
• It is like user control of any operating system.

How to set folder shield?

• Open your system and click on TrendMicro security pp.
• After the opening of the main page, click on “Data”.
• Under this tab, you can easily find “Configure” of “Folder Shield”.
• You can see introduction here, read it and click “OK”.
• Here you will choose a folder which you want to protect.
• Navigate it and click on “OK”.
• You will see that you have successfully added a folder.
• If you want to change it then select that file and choose another one and click “OK”.

Te above mentions steps will guard you against any of the upcoming Ransomware like Wanna cry, Petya, and ExPetr. If you are finding any trouble associated with Trend Micro product’s service and functioning then you can contact Trend Micro support, you will come to know that team is very lenient and patient. You can sort your query anytime of the day.



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