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Trend Micro Antivirus Support Number Canada Can Help To Review 2017 Version

Trend Micro is rated as the best performing theft protection software. The company has released its latest version 2017 in the market. Let’s us look at its features in detail.


Pros of Trend Micro 2017
Antivirus offers excellent protection against Malware and is designed with a decent range of beneficial features.

This product has a full-fledged family of antivirus software for Windows such as the free House Call scanner, the mid-range Internet Security, Antivirus+ Security, and other ways to the high-end maximum and premium security products.

Some of its advantages as explained are:
• Quick scanning
• Best in class protection
• Shredder, robust encryption and strong password manager


Cons of Trend Micro 2017

Trend Micro technical support provides the best quality solution for all types of issues in the functionality and performance of the software.

Besides this, there are certain other downsides of use of this software.

• Heavy impact on system performance when it is put on scan
• Several false positives
• Absence of online storage or VPN

Features of Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

Trend Micro antivirus support Canada gives a good explanation of the features of “Internet Security.”

This is the midrange product that provides protection to 3 PCs. It offers parental controls and the functionality to designate prime alphanumeric sequences. It is the best theft protection software for Mac, IOS, Android, and Kindle software.


This newest version of Trend Micro has successfully removed several known errors from the software. This latest version provides a better interface, high speed, extended error database, and improved efficiency to give the best experience to its users.

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trend micro customer support,, trend micro helpline number,, Trend Micro Support

Call Trend Micro Number Customer Support For Better User Experience

There are different types of antivirus software available in the market including Trend Micro and Norton is the best among them. A comparison between them gets you the best protection.


Installation Process

Though installation is a one-time process, you need to consider it as well when choosing software. In case of Norton, this process takes just five minutes to complete. Trend Micro customer support is offered 24*7 to its users.

In case of Trend Micro, users need to answer a set of questions to launch the installation wizard. The time taken in this installation is significantly more than Norton installation. Norton has an upper hand also in case of installation of updates. Trend Micro technical support services can be accessed from remote locations easily.

Where the installation of updates takes more time in Trend Micro, it gets completed easily in Norton. In Canada, you will find the most reliable Trend Micro customer service centers. Contact Trend Micro support Canada using various modes like email, live chat and phone call.

Uninstallation process

Though it is very quick and efficient in installation procedure, it offers a poor uninstallation process. The method of uninstallation is completely opposite to the installation process. Professionals at Trend Micro support offer step by step instructions to solve the diverse range of issues of the user.

Aesthetic Look

When talking about the interface and look and feel of the application, Trend Micro is far better than Norton. Norton interface is not very welcoming for beginners. Vertical and horizontal navigation happen through varying buttons and options.
The interface of Norton can be quite confusing where in every time when a link is clicked, a new window opens up. This makes it an overwhelming interface especially for new users. Both the antivirus software has their pros and cons. You need to figure out your requirements from the software, i.e., installation speed, appearance etc. to find out the appropriate for you.

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Trend Micro Support

Contact Trend Micro Support Canada Or McAfee For Business Security – Which Is Best?

Antivirus software offers robust and reliable protection from the several malware and virus present on the Internet. McAfee Total Protection and The popular antivirus software available in the market. They help employers to meet the diverse needs of small businesses.

Trend Micro Business Security.

Trend Micro Business Security services safeguard small businesses from several online threats that include spyware, malware, and viruses. In Canada, there are Trend Micro customer care centers that can be accessed easily through email, voice chat, and call. This software is designed to fulfill the requirements of IT staff in small level to medium level business.


McAfee Total Protection.

This software aims at offering outstanding functionality to small and medium level businesses that lack a dedicated IT staff or who want to outsource their services. McAfee performs the maintenance and administration task for these companies.

Trend Micro support Canada gives the best explanation of the service delivered by the software that includes amazing protection against Internet threats, email scanning and protection of server.


Trend Micro technical support assists users in installation, configuration, upgrade and troubleshooting in a reliable way. Trend Micro is a hosted service that provides complete protection to your business against spyware, viruses, malware, zero-day threats, hackers, and cyber criminals.

It predicts the threats and blocks access to certain websites in a company. This prevents employees from storing data on them. Trend Micro support phone number Canada 1-844-888-3870 offers remote assistance to solve a wide range of issues faced by its users.


McAfee software allows it to be accessed by its clients via a web-based interface. This suite provides state of the art offers protection for all areas of a small-scale business IT infrastructure, i.e., firewall, protection of desktops, email servers and file servers from viruses, adware, malware, hackers, spyware, phishing and spam.

Both of the antivirus software offer reliable, robust and easy to implement solutions to the users. The step-wise procedure guides users throughout the entire process so that an average user can also resolve the issue effortlessly.

If You Any Query Regarding Any Technical Issue. So, Please Contact Trend Micro Technical Support We Are Always Available To Solve out Your Problem.